REVIEW | JR Green – Flora


Hailing from up in Strontian, the duo of JR Green – comprised of brothers Jacob and Rory – have somehow avoided our radar for so long, but better late than never. Our introduction to these two came via their latest EP – Flora.

The accordions provide an appealing rhythm in Tiger Lily, and the heartfelt harmonies are a delight. First Blood features good acoustics and has quite the enticing energy to it.

These trends run over into the thoroughly engaging For The Wild, where the lyrics are in the spotlight, and they save the best for last with Technicolour Native, which commences so gently, and is carried by an utterly captivating, tender performance that is easy to get sucked into.

This is one of the most charming and endearing records that we have had the pleasure of listening to this year, and is a must-have for those that like their share of folk and pop.

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