REVIEW | Harbour Sharks – A History Of Violence


One of the brightest prospects in the UK’s hardcore scene in recent memory undoubtedly have to be Harbour Sharks. The Kingston trio, who we were previously familiar with from Amberline, went all in with this new project, resulting in their debut album A History Of Violence, which has blown the minds of people left, right and centre; ourselves included.

Where do we even start with this one? The weighty opener False Flags has a wild, pulsing chorus, we’ve got a frantic lead single in the form of The Killer Inside Me, there’s the catchy It’s Not Working Out, a blend of strong riffs and drumming in Swing Away Merill, and the anti-political Burn Down London is a groovy banger.

But the highlight has to be the title track, in which the writing is overflowing with emotion and tonnes of resentment, and the vocals from Jack are insanely red-hot.

A combination of combustible elements contribute to what is from top to bottom a tight record that thrills and inspires mutliple times over the course of half an hour.

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