REVIEW | Fauves – Les Fauves


Fauves were undoubtedly one of Glasgow’s hottest acts to emerge in 2017, with the guys making the most of those 12 months to build their name into a valuable one. Now they’ve taken the next step with the release of their first record – Les Fauves.

The polished Is This What It Comes To has a smooth, mild melody to it and some good guitars on show, as it runs up to a high ending. These traits are paralleled in Head Spins, donning a great wee chorus.

Content (For Now) is adequate enough ,after which is the instrumental Orlando that, while only under two minutes in length, is immensely funky and the bass chords are just…ooft. The catchy as hell Twilight Daylight then serves as a satisfying way to finish up.

Minor faults in one or two areas do little to damage what is ultimately a pleasing debut from the group. Best jump on the bandwagon now, because these guys are going nowhere but up.

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