REVIEW | Everyday Pharaohs – Congratulations On Your Smile


As is with the scene, there is a wide variety of fledgling bands across Glasgow at the moment, with a few falling into our radar lately, one such being Everyday Pharaohs, who are back with their sophomore EP – Congratulations On Your Smile.

A Dart Room For Dave is a fair start, with the lyrics sticking out as the strongest quality, covering domestic issues and doing that well; a feature recurrent in Allison, which has some spots of cool bass work here and there.

Bed Sores is where the record really gets going, as they charge at a rapid tempo and the drumming provides quite the bounce. Similarly, Rainbows has a catchy beat and is dotted with sweet riffs all over.

If we did have one jarring criticism that is a constant throughout, it’s that the mixing is too quiet. We really shouldn’t be needing to turn the volume all the way up to max just to hear the music properly. Other than that, we were satisfied by this.

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