REVIEW | Edits – Re-Surface


It’s a real shame that every time we cover the duo of Edits, we have to emphasise just how underrated they are. Liv and Chris are a talented pair that deserve a dose of attention, and if their brand new Re-Surface EP does not win you over, we’re convinced that nothing will.

Tongue-Tied is a chilling opening; the introductory chimes immediately spark an ambience, and it just builds and builds as more layers are added. The lead single Don’t Speak is amazingly passionate and very memorable.

Let Me In brings a more darker sound to the table that is absolutely hair-raising, plus Liv’s harmonies are unbelievable. The guitars are quite serene in Satellite, and they mix well with the pretty piano keys. The resonating synth beats and strong riffs of Poison make up just a part of what is an incredible, bombastic climax to the record.

Re-Surface has surpassed our expectations, proving to be a stunning tour de force that cements Edits as an act that warrant more ears listening in.

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