REVIEW | Austin Miller – Some Degree Of Comfort


Austin Miller first came to our attention when he saw him supporting Marc Halls back in July, and he certainly made a statement on that night. Now he has an EP out, titled Some Degree Of Comfort, and it’s here where we get to see him make the most of his talents.

Coping Methods fades in with quiet piano keys, gradually gaining volume and turning into a solid opener, after which is Sparkler, a pleasant tune with a chorus that sticks out.

Quiet Tragedy grows in strength as it progresses towards the end, before leading into Bodyguard, an absolutely cracker that is catchy as heck and where the guitar work is mighty sweet, and last but not least, there are some fine lyrics and reams of emotion shown off in the closing number Give An Inch And Take A Mile.

A stunning record that has turned out better than we could have hoped, with a continuous rise in quality as it advances from the beginning to the end.

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