REVIEW | 100 Fables – We Are Electric Girls And Boys


Well, it’s about darn time! Glasgow’s prime synthpop group 100 Fables are here with their debut EP – We Are Electric Girls And Boys – and it is a doozy.

An 8-bit intro gives way to The Pressure, an infectious tune with a simple yet fixating hook. Lyndsey is sensational as ever in her role as vocalist, with a fluent, dilated pitch range and wonderful inflections.

Excellent lyrics are the main ingredient of Joy, certainly one of the band’s more serious numbers. The eponymous track is another magnetic one that is a surefire throwback to the 80’s in terms of sound and structure, and they wrap up with the stunning and polished Untold.

We have been dying to hear this for ages, and 100 Fables have delivered on all fronts here.

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