REVIEW | Quiche – Let’s Be Friends


How fitting it is to kick off a new and fresh year with a new and fresh act: Quiche, a Glaswegian alternative-psychedelic rock quintet who are nimbly making a positive impression with their elementary EP – Let’s Be Friends.

They speed out the gates with the catchy, quick-tempo Hor-Cha, which entertains in its short time with a flurry of riffs and a contagious hook on the go; that being the faint mumblings of the song title.

The guys then steady up the pace for Costa Calma, an awfully smooth track where the harmonies are warm and the guitars remain great, not to mention the scattered bass notes and cymbal crashes help to beef up the sound.

Closing number Friends commences quietly but eventually nudges into gear with some good lyrics and a sweet rhythm in general. It casually moves along, before suddenly throwing us for a loop out of field and capping off with an insane, rampant barrage of noise.

A top notch trio of tracks from a cracking group who are already showcasing some early promise here. Start off your 2018 right, get those January blues out on their arse and give this one a spin.


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