REVIEW| Discolor Blind – Long Vivid Dream


Discolor Blind is the brainchild of Iranian native Askhan Malayeri, who has spent all his life grinding away and constantly improving himself as a credible musician. Travelling all across the world, from his home country to England and eventually settling in Montreal, Canada, the last few years have been dedicated to the creation of his first proper record by the name of Long Vivid Dream.

Teaming up with a number of talented folk, most prominently singer Alexis Nadeau, the EP has finally been completed and is all ready to hit the shelves. We were given the opportunity to examine Long Vivid Dream ahead of its release, and it left us enthused.

It opens up with the instrumental Migraine which generates a sheer atmosphere that is quite mystical and even has some hints of extraterrestrial notes in there. The established sound continues into The Life Of Lily, where Alexis’ harmonies are just excellent, but the most notable aspect is a sudden, out of nowhere change in tone where it turns heavy halfway in and intense riffs enter the fray. Just one example of the unpredictable nature of this record.

Neat synths and a cool trumpet are welcome additions to What Pain Brings, highlighted by a bouncy melody and a tremendous chorus with a subtly haunting touch. Delicate vocals raise the hairs for Black And Grey, a fitting title for the melancholy lead single which starts off slow and chilling, gradually building as it progresses. Last but not least, Poor Receipts moves at a steady pace with a few spots of escalation which makes for a decent climax.

There is such a broad blend of multiple styles and various genres that it leaves it difficult to narrow down a proper description for the music, it just does not fit into one particular tier, and that is exactly what makes this EP a fantastic one. Askhan and Alexis should be proud of what they have accomplished here, and we would be happy to see more sooner than later.



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