REVIEW | Taped Live – Seven Sounds

taped live

Way back in January, as we exited from a show at King Tuts as part of their New Years Revolution festival, a band were jamming in the downstairs bar. Said band were the local pairing of Leo and Sal, better known as Taped Live.

While we only caught them briefly, they did enough to grab our attention, and they flew into our radar again lately with the release of their debut EP – Seven Sounds.

Thin Ice proves to be an okay start, but not much to write home about, although it does properly going when they pick up the pace with the jumpy Blind As A Bat, topped off with echoing snares.

They bring a very cool Southern rock vibe with Telephone, plus the chorus ain’t half bad, and Fit For Purpose is a catchy number in its own right.

Following the decent Pocket Full Of Sorrow we have the title track which stands as the definitive highlight of the record – courtesy of an infectious rhythm touched up with an essence of blues and led by a mixture of damn fine riffs and great drumming – after which, they bring everything to a close with the smooth and stylish What’s A Boy To Do?

While not always consistent, and perhaps asking for a shine up in production quality, the boys still do more than plenty to make Seven Sounds our money’s worth. A solid EP from a promising young duo, for sure.

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