REVIEW | Allusondrugs – Nice N Sleazy (14.07.17)


As far as the best rising rock acts in the UK go, Allusondrugs from Leeds are among the elite in that category, having drawn in fans from all over with their dazzling music and reaping acclaim from the press.

The latest chapter in their journey success involved the guys heading up to Scotland for a weekend tour, in which they were joined by Bloodlines from Fort William, and it would all begin at Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow.

Opening the night was Visceral Noise Department, a quartet that had a sound blending grunge and psychedelic rock, with an added modern touch. The guitars were beautifully dirty, the slower numbers were gripping, and they were frantic and energetic when the tempo was kicked up.

Our favourite moment was when the hairy Brenden – donning pyjamas and odd socks – leaped onto the floor and went totally bananas. A wonderful scene, it all was.

And now for something completely different – The Eagertongue. Graham came in with an elaborate desk setup chock full of pedals, wires, a drill and other bits and bobs, and he produced droning electronic sounds with all the tools at his disposal, throwing in some spoken word and yells in the midst of it all.

There was an interesting magnetic quality about it. Sure, it had a pretty repetitious nature in places, but we could not keep our eyes off him all the same. Likewise, a big chunk of the audience stood and respectfully gave their attention.

It is difficult to properly describe, so it would be worth seeing it for yourself, but credit must be given to Graham for what was undoubtedly a fresh and intriguing experience.

There was much anticipation as Bloodlines stepped up, and they burst out with the superb Love The Taste. Their line of newer material was top notch, showcasing their evolving heavier sound.

Mother’s Misery was immensely catchy and had a heck of a hook, while Cathedral was defined by calmer verses which would give way for sweeping choruses. They cranked up the intensity one last time as they capped off with the utterly berserk Skeletons

Throughout, the riffs were vehement and the dual vocals were strong. A brilliantly tight set that was just another win for one of the country’s finest up and coming ensembles.

A mass sea of folk gathered and perched themselves at the stage for Allusondrugs, who got the room buzzing in a hurry and it was not long before the room became a dense sweat box. The highlights are tricky to narrow down, for there are too many to count.

The fast and furious Magic College had a bouncy melody, and classic throwback I’m Your Man was received wall. People passionately sung back the words to Sunset Yellow, although Jason amended the lyrics to “made 2013 come my chest”…well, we will not be able to listen to that track the same way again.

There was unified headbanging afoot for the much loved new tune, and I Should Have Gone To Uni earned a fervent reaction. In the latter part of the set, a couple directly in front of us were getting awfully frisky. Who knew that Allusondrugs brought out the romantic side of people?

A surf-filled frenzy was sparked as the boys wrapped up the night with the pairing of Cherry Pie and Handicapped, concluding one of the most emphatic, jam-packed performances we have witnessed in all of 2017.



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