REVIEW | Rainfalls – The Attic (13.07.17)


Life can be cruel sometimes. All was ready to go for one of the UK’s fastest rising acts – Holding Absence – to hit Scotland for their first ever headline tour in the country. Unfortunately, due to their van breaking down, they were not able to make it to Glasgow, and everybody was left gutted.

But all was not lost, as their tour buddies Rainfalls decided to push on and keep the gig going without them, and being advocates for supporting the local scene, we decided to stick around for the ride.

Never Meant come on in front of their excitable circle of friends. Unfortunately, their set was mild at best, with some spots of decent beats and melodies here and there yet lacking a spark in general. In fact, the highlights came in the form of chants for bassist Tony and girls being speared to the floor on more than one occasion (not as violent of a situation as it sounds, just to clarify).

The trio have a long way to go yet, with it being a case of them needing to fine-tune their live performance and add an element to make them stand out more and draw the interest of outsiders.

Alternative pop-rockers In Stations were up next, and quickly caught our ears with their opening pair of tracks which, considering they had only been written a couple of days prior, sounded pretty good.

Not Anymore featured a rocking chorus, Oceans was a wildly energetic marvel with crunchy as hell bass chords, and Summer had a quick pace and smashing fills. They had a clear confidence on stage that never overflowed into cockiness, and they undoubtedly brought more of a sense of fun to the night.

Talk about making a first impression; these guys were seriously great. Thoroughly recommended.

Impromptu headliners Rainfalls were last up for us to witness them for what was the third time now, and we think they were at their very best here.

The main driving force of the group was frontman Gary. Aside from his fierce vocals, he had this unique, imposing presence that is difficult to describe, where he just enters a completely different mind-frame, which was even more evident by his sharp gazes into the eyes of select audience members.

In addition to that, the rest of the band were firing on all cylinders, with them jumping about like mad as they pitched out intense riffs and yielded rampant rhythms. Each song, whether fast or slow in tempo, had the people hooked and they only had them more hooked in as time elapsed.

It would come to a head with Gary screaming through the fabric of his T-shirt that was draped right over his head before toppling back-first onto the hard floor. An entertaining half hour of forcible proportions that soothed the pain of missing out on Holding Absence and made the night all worthwhile.



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