REVIEW | Wasted Years – Ivory Blacks (12.07.17)

wasted years

Wasted Years from Glasgow are a group that have been slowly but surely working their way up the scene for the longest time now, and so far, 2017 has brought them plenty of success; most notably the release of their Moving Mountains EP which has earned them praise, and deservedly so.

To capitalise and help promote it, the guys began to embark across the country for a little tour, starting off with a gig at Ivory Blacks.

I Said Good Day are an act that we had been meaning to see for ages, and now we finally got the chance on this night to see them live.

They showed ample enthusiasm and activity, as evident by all the sweat they were shedding. On top of that, the bass really shined and there were a couple of neat headbang-worthy sequences in there, most prominent in the likes of Lost Light and Plugfoot.

Unfortunately, they were hindered by numerous miscues, particularly in the early-goings. But to their credit, they eventually found a groove as they progressed and we soon warmed up to them. Adequately satisfying, overall.

Get Out Strong were a trio that we were definitely familiar with at this point, and they were enjoyable as usual. Speak was a peppy, fast-paced tune, the vocals were sturdy in Next Time, and Don’t Let Me Burn was a catchy banger as always.

David worked hard battling a flimsy mic stand over the course of Answers, and following an instrumental interlude, they dished out Tidal Waves to bring to a close a great performance, and judging by a comment we overheard calling them “a younger Biffy”, they must have done something right.

And now for the stars of the evening – Wasted Years.

Blackout served as a solid opener, before they stepped it up a notch with Tied Down. Minor slip ups aside, their latest single Hold On impressed with a pounding rhythm and sweet riffs, and the mellow Forever was driven by emotionally-fueled harmonies from leading man Dennis.

The boys pushed the energy even further with WGS, before concluding with their chief track Voices, which was headed by a powerful, memorable chorus. On the whole, they got the job done in front of the sizeable crowd as they continue to display improvement, and we can only commend them for getting to this point.

We wish all the best to the Ayrshire troupe for whatever the future holds for them.

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