REVIEW | Halflives – Bar Bloc (11.07.17)


Way back in March 2015, at the renowned Bar Bloc, we had the opportunity to see a band all the way from Italy by the name of Over. While it was not the greatest turnout, we personally loved them and made some new friends in the process.

Later down the road, they underwent some changes; becoming Halflives, developing a fanbase and touring tirelessly across the continent. Meanwhile, we waited for what seemed like an eternity for the guys to return to Glasgow.

Finally, on 11th July 2017, they made their highly anticipated return to the city and were ready to take Bloc by storm once again.

Opening up the night were local lads Nuclear Club, who we had been meaning to see for  a while now, and they thoroughly impressed us.

They were able to produce such an immersive sound thanks to a triad of slick guitars, vocals that blended together nicely and hammering rhythms, not to mention the addition of bongos, shakers and whatever else they had in their arsenal.

They did well in keeping the crowd intrigued and they certainly exceeded our expectations. This is a band that we hope do not go unnoticed, because they are pretty damn good.

One swift changeover later and Halflives were ready to go. They fired out the gates with the catchy Mayday, where they were quick to display a firm chemistry on stage, and they would keep amplify the energy further with the electric Lone Wolf.

Following that, there was Collide in which the passion was just oozing out of frontwoman Linda as she got utterly soaked in her performance. The Sickness was driven by a bouncy beat and showcased some fine writing, while the title track of their Empty Rooms album had a hooking melody.

They gave us solid covers of 30 Seconds To Mars’ The Kill and My Chemical Romance’s Welcome To The Black Parade, before giving us Echo, a ballad definied by a staggering chorus. The rocking Half Alive inspired some mad dancers in the venue, and they then wrapped up stylishly with the emotionally-packing Burn.

A superb set as predicted from one of Europe’s brightest musical prospects. Halflives only get better with each passing day, and it’s about time they got some major recognition for their talents.

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