REVIEW | Meadowlark – Postcards


It has been quite the journey thus far for Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley of Meadowlark. Initially spending years working under their own individual projects, they banded together a while back and have since then quickly built themselves as one of the most exceptional duos currently in the British scene. Numerous singles and a batch of EPs later, the time has come for the release of their eagerly awaited debut album – Postcards.

Headlights opens the proceedings with an aesthetic, magnetic melody made from the combination of Kate’s perfectly fitting slender voice and smooth electronics. Sunlight is underlined by a stimulating beat, and Pink Heart is a catchy piece where the faint acoustics add an extra touch of depth. Following that, One is highlighted by such a gripping hook, while Eyes Wide is notable for a spirited chorus which has a fair bounce to it; a trait also prominent in Fly, Body Lose and Paraffin.

But not all the songs are as peppy, for there are more low-key numbers on offer, such as the profound That’s Life – characterised by graceful strings and piano keys – and the lyrically striking title trackSatellite is well-written, Undercover is pretty memorable, and they finish up with the stirring Little Boxes.

Postcards is an enticing and mature affair that captivates the senses throughout, showcasing the talents of a very proficient pair that each bring something to the table in a big way. It took very little for us to fall in love with this record, and we expect the same for anyone else lucky enough to discover this act.


Meadowlark will embark on a UK tour later this year in support of their new record.


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