REVIEW | Siamese – Shameless


Hailing from Denmark, Siamese first came to our attention when they supported FOES on a UK tour last autumn, and they certainly left an impression on us with a superb live show. Lately, they popped back under our radar as they released a new album by the name of Shameless.

They immediately knock the socks off with Ablaze, undoubtedly one of the most staggering openers we have heard all year, giving us a massive chorus and hooking lyrics.

The momentum roars on with Tunnel Vision, where the harmonies are vast and the guys continue to deliver in the writing department; the latter remaining a recurring factor in the likes of the catchy Soul & Chemicalsthe riff-infested Brother and the melodic Make It Out.

One Night Thing is smooth-pacedwhilst My Turn dons a blistering, pulse-racing sound fitting of any arena. The electronics are off the chain in The Promise, and soon they cap off with the epic-level Cities, in which the guitars go out in full force.

Shameless has left us absolutely speechless. This album is such a kinetic rollercoaster that gets the blood rushing like few other rock records have in recent memory, and it has truly established Siamese as one of the most exciting assembles in all of mainland Europe. For those who like their music loud and large, we beg you to not pass this one up.


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