REVIEW | ESPRIT D’AIR – Constellations


Following a three year hiatus, London J-rockers Esprit D’Air reformed last year and have not wasted any time achieving many great things since then, with the latest of these being the release of their hotly anticipated new album – Constellations.

We get a first taste of their grandiose electronic-based sound with Ignition, carried by an exciting swift melody and polished riffs. After the solid Rebirth, we have Guiding Light which impresses with a good chorus and some neat piano thrown into play.

The Hunter is a rough and gruff banger, while subsequent tracks Starstorm and The Awakening are dynamic rushes of energy where the vocals are on top form and the guitars truly get to shine.

Reminisce is above and beyond the stand out of the entire record, courtesy of incredible synths and tender harmonies, before Versus provides a decent conclusion.

While admittedly taking a couple of listens to fully appreciate and bullseyes are not always hit, the positive elements outweigh any negatives that are there to give us quite the entertaining auditory ride fueled by constant adrenaline.


The band will embark on a UK tour in February 2018 in support of Constellations.


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