REVIEW | Foreignfox – I Used To Be A Bellydancer


In any conversation regarding the best rock acts that Scotland currently has to offer, it would be insane to not consider Foreignfox.

Since emerging in late 2013, the Dunfermline foursome have went from strength to strength, churning out an excellent debut EP in the form of We Float Like Sinking Ships and a range of cracking singles including Frostbite and Driving Drunk For Christmas. Top it off with a number of sizable gig opportunities, and there appears to be no signs of the quartet slowing down.

This brings us to their latest release – I Used To Be A Bellydancer – in which the guys had a tough test to further validate themselves and extend what has been thus far a clean streak.

They open us promisingly with Perfect Place To Start, where steady building verses ultimately launch into passionate choruses, but then it all quiets down as they transition into Bonfire; initially defined by gentle chords and a chilling background ambience. Trumpets soon become present and drums enter the fray as the tune gradually elevates, before bursting into a supreme climax where frontman Jonny Watt sings his heart out.

But it does not stop there with Monsoon, in which the vocals continue to be fervent and the great guitar and bass work helps to create a huge, hair-raising sound. Afterwards, the melodic, high-octane Lights Off, Carry Me Home delivers again on all aspects. The pace is quelled as they prepare to wrap up with the title track, a spectacular eight minute piece that displays engaging lyrics, fierce emotion and sheer power.

There are no two ways about it, Foreignfox have accomplished something immensely special with this; a record that is built on the foundations of not only raw talent, but a real sense of spirit and devotion, with tonnes of effort clearly squeezed into every last ounce. A damn near perfect EP from an act who are quickly cementing their name as one of the elites in this country.


Foreignfox headline King Tuts Wah Wah Hut on Thursday 20th July as part of the venue’s 2017 Summer Nights festival, with support from Drowned Out, This Familiar Smile and Crystal.


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