REVIEW | Alburn – Alburn


Ten years is an awfully long time in local music, but that’s exactly how long Alburn from Glasgow have been together for.

Since emerging all the way back in 2007, the rock quartet have went from strength to strength, giving us plenty of decent material and playing a long list of shows, but in their existence, the four have never had that definitive product that has cemented their sound and image…until now.

After slaving away for months and months, the guys have finally released their highly anticipated self-titled debut album, and the end result is a quality one.

There is not a second wasted as they erupt from the offset with Make You Mine, emanating a big vibe and being driven by a banging drum beat; the pace continuing with the bustling melody of Send Me Up. Commanding riffs and vivacious, brawn-bearing vocals are the most conspicuous aspects in the likes of FormBarnhouse and Green Saloon.

They simmer down for the reserved Cathexis which displays a fair amount of emotion and not much more than the subtle strumming of chords. They build and build, before exploding into the ferocious Catharsis, with the energy only escalating with the swift Lost, Faraway.

Through Salt And Water protrudes with a strong chorus, and from there they move onto Witches, which initiates smoothly, before slowly but surely firing up the intensity in the latter half and eventually bringing it all to an ample close.

A decade in the making, Alburn’s first go at a full-length record is a concise, headlong blitz that delivers nicely and gives the listener what is nothing short of an audible joyride.



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