REVIEW | Our Hollow, Our Home – Ivory Blacks (29.03.17)


Fresh off the release of their debut full-length album Hartsick, Southampton melodic metalcore outfit Our Hollow, Our Home embarked on a tour across the UK to promote the new record, with them being joined by Hull group Sworn Amongst.

The sixth show would bring the two to Ivory Blacks in Glasgow, courtesy of Bubble Tea Records.

Turbyne from Dumfries commenced the evening, and they had on offer three lengthy, jam-packed numbers with some complex rhythms that had a classic metal feel to them.

The synths were cool, there was some great drumming and the vocals were tip-top, but the most noteworthy aspect had to be the guitar work, with stylish riffs that were very slick and calculated.

If there was one minor issue we had, it would be that their movement was somewhat restricted, which we found surprising considering their big sound, but it was most likely the result of opening slot slog.

Despite that fact, as they finished with a cover of Dio’s Holy Diver to “cheer us up”, we were left impressed by them; a statement echoed by a few others in attendance.

After a delayed set-up, Edinburgh’s A Plea, A Promise stepped up to the plate next and did nicely. In the midst of smoky floodlights, the guys showcased a little more activity on stage than their predecessors.

With Justin perching himself on the monitor and yelling out to the audience, the quintet were well synchronised with each other and gave us some of the heftiest drops this side of the border.

For us, the stand out tracks were Fame and the highly passionate Grief.  A very solid effort, overall.

Sworn Amongst followed and, engulfed in an excessive amount of smoke, would proceed to blow us away.

For starters, their stand-in singer Jack was a behemoth; possessing one hell of a guttural voice and being in the zone all the way through without ever missing a beat. Adding to that, there were blistering solos aplenty and booming rhythms.

They killed it with the likes of Through The Eyes Of The Decimated and Under A Titan Sky, but the best of the lot had to be The Resistance which, aside from being absurdly catchy, thrilled with a massive chorus and drew us in with strong lyrics.

Top it all off with an immense presence and fierce breakdowns, and you had ourselves a superb showing from, for our money, one of the tightest live bands in the British underground metal scene today.

With that said, Our Hollow, Our Home were a force to be reckoned with in their own right.

Connor was a charismatic frontman who was really immersed in his performance, and his screams mixed well with guitarist Tobias’ harmonies. There were potent riffs, chunky bass lines and formidable drumming on display throughout. The five were also very energetic up there, bouncing around madly to a point where bassist Bobby got overzealous and stumbled over, much to Josh’s amusement.

While on the still side, the crowd appeared to be hooked as the artists tried to get them involved as much as possible, and there was even a few folk singing back. As predicted, they played material from Hartsick, with highlights including Throne To The Wolves, Feast For The Crows and latest single Karmadillo.

Wrapping up with Rest Assured, their second outing in Glasgow proved to be quite a blast.






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