REVIEW | Halo Tora – La Belle Angele (26.03.17)


In the past couple of years, Halo Tora from Glasgow have built themselves into one of the most renowned progressive rock acts in Scotland, with their career highlight being their very successful award-winning debut album Omni\One.

As of late, they have been on a little tour across the country, which would finish up on Mother’s Day at La Belle Angele in Edinburgh.

Opening the show was artist Robert Kilmurry, who was an unexpected late addition to the line-up. He had a vigorous voice, good lyrics at his disposal, and in general displayed lots of spirit, with the most notable points of his performance being Bite My Tongue, the vintage Out Of Time and a solemn, yet-to-be-named tune.

We got a preview of some pieces from his forthcoming Falling Down EP, but the highlight for us was Set Me Free, in which he turned the guitar sideways and tapped out chords whilst producing beats with his instrument being implemented as a makeshift cajon.

We don’t know about anyone else there in attendance, but he assuredly made an instant connection with us.

Fife rock and roll quartet Concrete Kingdoms were determined to turn up the dial, and they somewhat did so.

Despite supposedly suffering from the dreaded man flu, frontman Neil got the job done fine enough and certainly had spurts of energy here and there. Their set of tracks offered us a mixture of flashy riffs, solid rhythms and the occasional engaging chorus, with the best of the lot by far being Broken Down.

Admittedly, it was on the flat side at first, but given time they left us adequately satisfied.

Halo Tora were quick to remind us exactly why we were fans of them in the first place.

The harmonies meshed perfectly, and the intricate riffs were just impeccable, with Chris and Ian complimenting each other ridiculously well in that regard. The bass lines were neat, the keys helped to heighten the atmosphere and the drums added an extra element of force.

With all those aspects put together, as demonstrated in the likes of Permanent Revolution, Age Of Terror and an array of fresher material, they generated an massive, immersive sound like other few bands in the local scene can.



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