REVIEW | Peur – 13th Note (25.03.17)


In March 2017, Manchester trio Peur embarked on a successful tour across the UK, following the release of their latest single Who Is Your God, with it culminating at the 13th Note in Glasgow where they have had quite the dedicated following build up in the last few years.

Mantis Toboggan kicked off the proceedings, donning summery shirts and comic book pyjamas…as you do.

Via the likes of AmsterdamSpaceman Spliff and Desert Sun, the groovy funk-rockers indulged with stimulating riffy goodness, mighty fine bass lines and quite the performance from Chrispy, who unleashed his inner lunacy in beautiful fashion.

The four of them were very animated, and caused such a stir that we noticed several by-passers stopping at the door to check them out. But definitely the highlight was when they briefly paused in the middle due to technical problems and Chrispy read an excerpt from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography Total Recall.

They were tonnes of fun and gave us a chuckle for all the right reasons.

Mannequin Mannequin had a tough act to follow, and unfortunately they struggled at first just getting set up. Early on, the levels were inconsistent and there was a constant blaring of feedback.

Despite this, they battled on and eventually settled in, with focal points including Bent Out Of Shape and Inner Shell which had cool bass work on display, Dead In The Water featuring decent harmonies and good drumming, and tunes such as Haiku, The Olive Branch and our personal favourite Chasm, 1917 were driven by catchy melodies and the guitars got to shine.

Not the smoothest of rides for the Ayrshire quartet, but ultimately it turned out to be a very solid set under the circumstances.

For what would be the second time, we had the privilege of witnessing Hershel’s Head, and they knocked it out the park.

Their new material was smashing, and they entertained with old favourites from their Degenerate Art EP; namely Sad LasersDeathclock and Rosenberg.

The dapper-dressed Andrew worked up a hell of a sweat, churning out aggressive riffs and demonstrating a fierce edge in his voice. Meanwhile, he was backed up by the tight duo of Derek, who swiftly banged out chords, and Fraser who was giving it his all and having the time of his life, even if he did bugger up the intro of the closing number.

The three had an impeccable chemistry which was in clear view, and overall they were just brilliant, again proving the potential they have to reach grander heights.

We were knackered, but regardless still buzzing for Peur, who we had not seen since the summer of 2014.

With projected imagery in tow, they sucked us in with a great intro track before leading into Who Is Your God, highlighted by stunning guitar stylings, hard-hitting fills and latching lyrics.

From there, they would go on to play the rest of their upcoming album in its entirety, impressing throughout with aspects such as big choruses, dynamic rhythms and plenty of energy on stage.

Hollow Skies brought a smile to the faces of the long-time loyalists, even if Joe was struggling for breath when it came to the singing. Even a middle-aged drunkard momentarily came in to join in the party, getting up close and personal with promoter Murray.

Capping off with the climatic Explore, it was a highly enjoyable effort from the triad that did more than enough to leave us and the attendees stirring.



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