REVIEW | Fenella – 13th Note (19.03.17)


A few weeks ago, an artist by the name of Fenella caught our attention with her most recent single I Will Not Win, released via Little Tiger Records.

In an instant, we were made fans, and luckily for us she just happened to be headlining a show at the 13th Note, so the date was reserved and once the day came, we made our way there.

Russell Stewart was up first, who we had never had the chance to see before. His harmonies had a heartfelt, sincere quality to them, and he was pretty adept in delivering subtle, mellow chords.

Just some of the highlights included The FactSix Months and Talk To Frank, with a versed rendition of Amy Winehouse’s He Can Only Hold Her thrown in as a bonus. He had the full reverent attention of those in attendance, with them latching on to every word.

Aside from a technical fault that forced him to swap instrument, it all went well and he proved to be a worthwhile discovery for us.

We were similarly going in blind to Heir Of The Cursed, who left us taken aback.

Beldina’s voice was spellbinding, her strumming very crisp and the writing so magnetic, with the added reverb only boosting the tingling atmosphere. She had a serious drawing power that had the hairs on the back of our neck on end. Very few musicians have ever had that effect on us, but that was just the case here.

Essentially cutting the chit-chat, she made the most of her half hour set to give us one of the most beautiful, gratifying performances we have seen in a while. This is an individual that more people need to get themselves acquainted with.

And now for Fenella herself. Mairi was just stunning, with her vocals bolstering a real strength that resonated in the small venue, not to mention she hit those high notes with ease.

Her writing was also very charming too, so she was also talented in that regard. Accompanying her was Jack and Kate, who produced nice melodies with smooth riffs and pleasing piano keys respectively.

The set was not without faults however, as the second to last song was cut short and there was moments of confusion between the trio, but otherwise we thought that they were wonderful. We may just have something special on our hands here with Fenella and co, so best to keep a close eye on her.

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