REVIEW | Bronston – La Belle Angele (18.03.17)


For seven years now, we have been traversing local gigs in Glasgow and the surrounding areas, but in all that time we have never made the journey through to Edinburgh, and especially with the scene getting better by the day against all odds, there was no reason not to go.

With that in mind, we finally made the leap and headed to the capital to catch Bronston, one of the city’s most promising young acts, who were launching their debut EP – Salutations – at La Belle Angele.

We had heard many good things said about the openers Acrylic, and they lived up to those sentiments awfully well.

The band forged an ambience that had us very memerised at times, thanks to a fusion of gleaming harmonies, subtly sublime chords and smooth beats; all demonstrated in the likes of CoastAwake and All I Am. Andreas the frontman was also quite animated, as he appeared to be sucked into it all.

A stunning performance, to say the least, from a group of guys that clearly have some potential.

Redolent were another act that we were constantly told were must-see.

Shrouded in silhouette and smoke, they had us intrigued with a cool setup where they interchanged between guitars and synths at regular intervals, and with those tools at hand plus great drumming thrown in for measure, they generated an immersive atmospheric sound that had the audience wholly hooked.

Unfortunately, they were hindered by relentless technical issues that stumbled their momentum, but we will not hold that against them because when the gear was willing to co-operate, they were just fantastic and justified the hype behind them.

So even with the problems they encountered, they coloured us impressed and we can not recommend them enough.

It was now time for Bronston to turn up the dial.

They started swimmingly with Still Winning, where the crowd flocked towards the front, before transitioning into Predictable which had a really dainty intro, before it settled into a mild melody.

Adam Campbell was solid on the mic and very skillful with his riffs, particularly in the engaging Para Ti; further elevated by some neat keys and a strong rhythm section.

They entertained us with a collection of new songs, including Leaving UtopiaIndulgence and especially the pairing of I’m Still A Fool and Lana, both of which were remarkable.

They showcased an abundance of energy with their latest single Glamour, captivated with the catchy Where Can I Hide, and soon wrapped up with the awesome I Feel Safe.

Admittedly, they took a little while to find their stride, but eventually they got into the groove and by the end of the hour long set, they had made a bona fide statement.

This was an outstanding success for the fledgling quartet who have only continued to improve and thrive considerably.






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