REVIEW | La Vida Loca presents: UWS Represents


On a rainy Tuesday night, La Vida Loca Events played host to a band we have been eager to see for a while now – Crystal – at the 13th Note as part of a UWS showcase; joining them, a line-up of supports who were more or less relatively fresh to the scene, with some playing their first ever gig.

So we decided to head down to do what we do best – support young local talents.

The room was already jammed as Emma And Maria kicked off the show, who gave us stunning renditions of songs such as Crazy by Gnarls Barkley and Whitney Houston’s Dance With Somebody.

The dual harmonies were crisp and the strumming was nice. They also showed bursts of energy on occasion, and they had the people clapping along; in particular, there was long-winded wooing from one very immersed individual.

One minor downfall is that nerves seemed to seep through a little, as their eyes were wandering at times, unsure of where to look. We were a little surprised of this to be honest, because they seemed to have the whole venue hooked. A very fine start to the event.

Discotheque Whisky Club – comprising of Jake and Kate – were up to play their first gig, which happened to be a stripped affair as they were three members down.

They entertained with some enjoyable tunes like Angel In My PocketTalking To The Radio and Skinny Jeans. Their vocals blended well, and there was some good guitar and key work.

One of two off-spots understandably, but otherwise a really solid set from a pairing that may have some potential, but only time will tell.

The Murray’s were next, with friends and family immediately perching themselves at the front.

Being sisters, they obviously had a natural chemistry. Through a mixture of originals and covers, Laura conveyed fair amounts of emotion through her voice, on top of being proficient on the piano. Meanwhile, the younger Claire was a touch jittery but still showed a youthful enthusiasm and proved to be quite skilled for her age.

A couple of slips here and there, but as far as debuts go, it was going rather well…until the fire alarm went halfway through. Ten minutes of waiting in the freezing cold later, we eventually got back in and the girls were allowed to finish.

Despite that commotion in the middle, we certainly liked what we saw.

After a swift changeover, Basement People were on and did they surprise us.

The vocals were utterly terrific, courtesy of the leading ladies, accompanied by great riffs, sublime synths and a tight-knit bass and drumming section. With their slower material, they produced an alluring ambience, whilst exciting with their higher tempo tracks.

For an act we went into totally blind, they genuinely impressed us.

The headliners Crystal were ready to go, opening up with the smooth Whisper before moving on to Devil, a ridiculously addictive tune thanks to a very bluesy rhythm.

Style was highlighted by flashy riffs, and their newer number had a fluent, swaying melody. Anna’s amazing harmonies were spotlighted in the very energetic, bass-driven Sex Rich and their neat version of Saint Claude by Christine And The Queens.

They wrapped up nicely with the engaging Passing Down, concluding an event that ended up being more memorable than we initially anticipated. All the credit to Kerry for pulling off a successful promotional job!



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