REVIEW | Raze The Roof presents: Raze The Stakes


For the past couple of years, a group by the name of Raze The Roof have dedicated themselves to promoting the best unsigned music online.

But then they decided to take the plunge and take on the duty as gig hosts; putting together their first ever show at Audio, featuring five local acts we had never seen live before, so this would prove to be an interesting experience for us.

Little did we know what we were truly in for…

Will Johnstone – performing under his acoustic project The Corvus Experiment – had a miserable time with tech issues trying to get set up before he finally going. He proved to be mighty fine, with great writing being conveyed through a passionate performance that rubbed off on us.

He capped off in outstanding fashion with the catchy as hell Five Pounds A Week, with intricate strumming at play and the least conspicuous entrance by fellow Gonzo Division member Chris ever. It took a while to get there, but once he did, he got the ball rolling pleasingly.

But he was not done for the night, as he was back up for round two with alternative rock band, Semper Spero. They delivered a cracking set of numbers that had potent rhythms, with the last three especially packing a punch.

The trio’s harmonies made for a good mix, and we have got to say that drummer Peter was a freaking machine, with so much brawn behind his playing and it was evident he was giving it his all considering he was sweating buckets by the end. All in all, nicely done.

The Hammerin’ Tongs picked up the pace further with a collection of tight-knit, melodic tracks with neat bass lines and consistent amounts of energy throughout, with the best of the lot being the fantastic O.A.O.

A technical hiccup here and there, but on the whole a very solid effort that impressed both us and the rest of the crowd.

At this point is where things got weird.

At a glance, we had no idea what to expect from The Barking Spiders, but our curiosity was quickly answered, as they fired out a range of covers that really got the people going, with their renditions of Shoot The Runner and Seven Nation Army in particular setting the place abuzz, with many dancing and jumping about.

It soon just became a plethora of people scattered about going wild and strutting around by the time they finished with I Predict A Riot.

The highlight was when, out of nowhere, an ever so slightly inebriated chap from the audience took the mic in hand and proclaimed for all to bet on Celtic winning the Old Firm match the following day 10-0, before singing a team anthem in which he was quickly cut off by the sound guy. Only in Glasgow.

What we witnessed could only be described as controlled madness. We were literally the sober ones at a drunken party here, and it was a joy to watch. For our money, from a pure entertainment standpoint, The Barking Spiders stole the show.

Last up were The Chibmarks, with frontman Kevin donning sparkling boxers, tanning Buckfast and giving us a clear view of his blue moon. The vocals was raspy, backed up by solid riffs and beats, and the lyrics were beautifully crude.

As expected, the people went bananas once again, springing around and spilling alcohol. The drunkard from before even made more several appearances, which culminated in him being escorted out by security.

The chaos only intensified as a giant bouncy green ball entered the fray and was sent airbourne in all directions like a flying health and safety hazard.

One of the more bizarre, off-kilter sets that we have seen in a while, and we were all the more glad for it.




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