REVIEW | Evarose – Broadcast (08.03.17)


On the heels of their successful album Invisible Monsters, Oxfordshire rock roupe Evarose embarked on a tour across the UK, and by their sides were the swiftly rising Veridian, fresh off a record deal and the announcement of their debut EP.

The fifth night would see them come back to Glasgow after many years. Would their overdue comeback be a much welcome one?

After doors got pushed back, we were finally in and ready to catch Maxblakk, playing their first gig. While relative newcomers as a collective, they all had experience in past projects, and it showed.

Sean displayed a lot of confidence and poise on vocals, being partnered well with Stuart who was awfully good on the bass, and the guitars and drumming were not too shabby either. Among the short list of tracks, the ones that stood out most were Virtue, their single Dino Crisis and a sweet cover of Song 2 by Blur.

On the whole, an excellent effort, and we can’t wait to see more from them in the future.

Get Out Strong followed, of whom we have been fans since we saw them supporting Divides back in October. Unfortunately, they did not have the smoothest ride, as tech issues hampered them constantly and hindered their stride.

They cannot be criticised for this at all since it was not their fault, and to be fair, when they were not getting screwed over, they did manage to offer plenty of highlights. Next Time had a neat rhythm, Don’t Let Me Burn provided some dynamic riffage and Tidal Waves made for an engaging finale that ended the set on a satisfying note.

Not the best of outings, just a case of a perfectly capable band suffering bad luck. It did little to change our opinions of them however, and we still look forward to their impending EP.

We had been excited to see Veridian for a long time, and naturally we had high expectations; all matched, and then some.

They kicked off in massive fashion with One Day, with Ache afterwards featuring some nifty chords. Heaps of passion stemmed from Simon’s voice in the likes of Refuse To Feel and latest single Sleep A Little Better, and eventually they would finish as they started with the thrilling Running Away.

The six-piece were fairly cramped on the small stage so their movements were restricted somewhat, but regardless of that fact, they were still energetic and their spirit radiated from up there.

The collated harmonies blended together very nicely, the synths were ace and the melodies were staggering, not to mention, they had a mighty cool lighting setup which just barely squeezed into the tight space they had.

We are hard-pressed to think of any notable flaws, they were just brilliant; exhibiting that they are destined for bigger things sooner than later.

All was set for Evarose to begin, and we couldn’t help notice the dedicated gentleman at the front with a hand-made fan sign in tow. From the moment they got the ball rolling, it was like a never-ending rollercoaster.

The Cause & The CareRoutes and Shedding Skin were highlighted by intensely blinding choruses, whilst Glitch was the catchiest of the lot; we could not get that song out of our head, no matter how hard we tried.

Telephonic had terrific lyrics, the cover of All The Things had folk yelling back the words and they closed out with the superbly written and impassioned Provoke Me.

Dannika was utterly engrossed in it all, the dual vocals were on point, bassist Connie was very bouncy on her feet, there were rocking riffs galore and the sturdy drum beats resonated in the venue.

No bones about it, Evarose were bloody spectacular. Without the slightest of a hitch, they evidently electrified the jammed crowd all the way through. This will certainly go down as one of the most sensational live performances of 2017.

It is very apparent that this band have earned all the success they have achieved so far, and they deserve to be much bigger. More people need to get accustomed with them, because it would be a shame for their amazing talents to go unnoticed and left to waste.



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