REVIEW | Divides – The G2 (04.03.17)


As of late, Glasgow rock quintet Divides have been up and down the country on tour with one of Wales’ finest – Breathe In The Silence from Bridgend – and over that period, they have continued to expand on their craft, while successfully earning themselves new fans along the way.

After nearly a fortnight on the road, visiting uncharted territory, the band were back in their hometown to finish the tour in style alongside their newfound friends with a headline show at The G2.

We had never heard of LaFleur beforehand, so this was a chance to be given an introduction. The boys from Wishaw dished out a collection of songs with some catchy beats, in particular the last two, plus there was decent drumming for the most part and frontman Paul showed handfuls of enthusiasm.

Admittedly, there was the odd clunky spot here and there, but overall not the worst of ways to start off.

Athena’s Army were a group that we had not seen live in two years, so we were looking forward to seeing them again.

With the likes of Run For Cover and Suffocated, they exhibited good vocals, the riffs were solid and the rhythms engaging.

Our only main concern was that for the majority of the performance, they were pretty still on stage, and it felt as if they were holding something back. Quite a shame really, as it was a noticeable dent on what was otherwise a pretty fine performance.

And now for an act who we have championed since we first discovered them – Our Lucid Reality, albeit Amanda-less due to maternity.

As they fired out the gates with Hy Brasil, they suddenly sparked an electricity that was sorely lacking up to this point.

From there, they provided us with tunes such as the familiar Microcosmic Thrones, a newbie entitled Signs and the lyrically noble Glasgow, all featuring crisp dual-harmonies, marvelous synths and fervent bass-driven melodies.

The guitar work was also top-notch, and the final track saw Andy  leaping off onto the venue floor and nonchalantly strutting his stuff, with Chris following suit to cap off a set that was fantastic from beginning to end.

It was now time for Breathe In The Silence, who we have been eager to see for a while, and the Welshmen certainly had a lot to prove in this city over two borders away from home.

In front of a blitz of multi-coloured lights, the entire band went up and immediately shredded away any doubts. They openly held nothing back and gave it 110% – which to be fair, should be a must for all performing artists – and they made the stage their own.

Leading the charge was Adamross, who displayed some impeccable energy. They plowed through a mix of cracking material, including songs from their recent Hold My Heart EP, with the highlight undoubtedly being the explosive Devil’s Peak.

The vocals were great, they dropped high octane choruses and the drum fills were thunderous. They even got Nicole and Connor from Divides on for a tune each. The band wrapped up swimmingly with Out Of Sight, which involved Adamross venturing over and claiming the bar for himself.

Exiting to the sound of It’s Not Unusual, the guys were grateful for the reaction that they had received, which was well deserved in our minds. They came and they conquered, and we are happy to welcome them back here any time with open arms.

And now for Glasgow’s own Divides, who had been through quite the turbulent experience on tour and were shattered to bits, but still dead set on getting on that stage and finishing it all off with a bang.

Nicole was stunning. In addition to brilliantly nailing every note and lyric with conviction, she oozed confidence up there, and the passion was dripping off as she really got so into it. It was clear that she has truly settled in as frontwoman since her debut in October.

David was simply an amazing guitarist, plucking off pristine riffs like nobody’s business, and he was complimented perfectly by his dynamic counterpart Connor, who hilariously toppled his way on stage pre-set.

On the rhythm side of the spectrum, Scott was strong on the bass and Dave was fluent behind the kit. Altogether, the five members had an astounding chemistry, which obviously rubbed off on the audience who were all hooked throughout.

The only disadvantage they had really was that everyone was still to get themselves acquainted with the newer material, so there was not much in the way of singing along, but it did little to hamper the show.

The Fightstar cover was dazzling and their single Make A Killing went down a storm, as they were joined by Adamross from Breathe In The Silence, returning the favour from earlier.

Meanwhile, Connor followed in his footsteps and had his turn at the bar, as Scott joined us on the floor, where his wireless transmitter came loose and cut off his bass, so he got Gareth from AltCorner to hold it in his hand and keep it switched on as he finished off the track. That’s a first.

Another triumph for Divides here. Congratulations to them and Breathe In The Silence on a successful tour, and we wish the band the best of luck for the rest of 2017. Here’s to the next EP!

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