Small Top 100 Favourite Records – Part 5 (20-1)

#20 | Splintered Halo – The Splintered Minds Asylum


HIGHLIGHTS: Mad Love, Your Face Is MY Face, The Dark Size Of Oz, Duality Of Personality, I Bathe In Blood


#19 | Shambles In A Husk – Die, Device, Die


HIGHLIGHTS: Cowboy Doom, Round Four, Medications


#18 | Vukovi – Sweet Swears


HIGHLIGHTS: Thick Skinned, We Are Robots, Obsessions


#17 | ACODA – Truth Seeker


HIGHLIGHTS: Won’t Go Running, Whispers Like Roars, Sleep On It, Make It Up As You Go, Round The Sun


#16 | The Physics House Band – Horizons / Rapture


HIGHLIGHTS: Abraxical Solapse, Titan, Teratology


#15 | Mickey 9s – The Party Manifesto


HIGHLIGHTS: Find A Thing, Shark In The Water, Psycho Control, Icarus, Mickey 999


#14 | Let’s Talk Daggers – Fantastic Contraption


HIGHLIGHTS: Have A Gabble, Round & About, The Bear Of Bad News, #1 Spicy Bugger


#13 | Halo Tora – Omni\One


HIGHLIGHTS: Under The Surface, The Bones That Rock The Cradle, Permanent Revolution, Ruins, Age Of Terror, Tonight


#12 | FOES – The Summit Lies Skyward


HIGHLIGHTS: Sworn Host, Orchestrator, No Sleepers Verse, Beautiful Fiction, Brothers Mortal, Young Sovereign


#11 | More Than Conquerors – Everything I’ve Learnt


HIGHLIGHTS: Pits Of Old, Temper, Try-Antlers, Jaw, Smoke Trees Lungs Knees, When The Well Runs Dry


#10 | Carnivores – Let’s Get Metaphysical


HIGHLIGHTS: Scottish Football, A Shadow Of A Shadow, Lion Tamer, Apathy In The UK, Insecurior, Let’s Get Metaphysical


#9 | Empire – Where The World Begins


HIGHLIGHTS: Black Hearts, Future Past & Present, All The Rage, My Colour Optimistic


#8 | My Extraordinary – The World We Live In


HIGHLIGHTS: Silly Little Things, The World We Live In, Bite The Bullet, Risky Business


#7 | Flood Of Red – Throw


HIGHLIGHTS: Throw, Lashes, Ye Die Ye Die, Whispers And Choirs, White Russian


#6 | Anavae – Dimensons


HIGHLIGHTS: Anti-Faith, Storm Chaser, Dream Catcher, Hang Man


#5 | Black Peaks – Statues


HIGHLIGHTS: Set In Stone, Glass Built Castles, Saviour, Crooks, White Eyes, Hang ‘Em High


#4 | We Came From Wolves – Paradise Place


HIGHLIGHTS: Away To Live Forever, A Bastard Son A Brother To No-One, Stallions Foals Foxes Crows


#3 | United Fruit – Eternal Return


HIGHLIGHTS: Sorrow, Ghost Inside Your Head, Taste I Can’t Give Up, Nothing To Feel, How Long, Open Your Eyes


#2 | Press To Meco – Good Intent


HIGHLIGHTS: Affinity, Diffusion Of Responsibility, Honestly, Family Ties, Manipulate, Means To An End



And now ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you our favourite under-the-radar record of all time…


#1 | We Caught The Castle – Time To Grow


HIGHLIGHTS: Time To Grow, Lips, Memories, That Poor Boy, Escape, Everything You Are

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