Small Top 100 Favourite Records – Part 4 (40-21)

#40 | Exist Immortal – Darkness Of An Age


HIGHLIGHTS: The Participant, Desolace, Edge Of Infinity, Legions, Liberator


#39 | Sworn To Oath – Pillars


HIGHLIGHTS: Let The Rain Pour, Outcast, All My Time, Forever Hurting, Free Me


#38 | Adam Stafford – Taser Revelations

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 20.57.45

HIGHLIGHTS: Railway Trespassers, Atheist Money, Phantom Billions, Let A Little Love Inside, Taser Revelations


#37 | KLOE – Teenage Craze


HIGHLIGHTS: Teenage Craze, Grip, Feel


#36 | Allusondrugs – Allusondrugs


HIGHLIGHTS: Cherry Pie, Nervous, Ted What’s The Porn Like In Heaven?


#35 | Servers – Leave With Us


HIGHLIGHTS: Universes & Supernovas, Claustrophobia, Save Me From Myself, Do Gooders, Run With The Foxes


#34 | Follow You Home – If It Kills Me


HIGHLIGHTS: Playing With Fire, What’s To Say You’re Not Alone, Long Way, Eyes Wide Open, Low


#33 | Bec Sandridge – In The Fog


HIGHLIGHTS: You’re A F***ing Joke, High Tide, In The Fog In The Flame


#32 | Altered Sky – Without Wonderland

front cover - web res - do not print

HIGHLIGHTS: Songbird, Live For It, Stupid In The Dark, Waves, Apple Tree


#31 | Devil Sold His Soul – Belong =/= Betray


HIGHLIGHTS: Time, Devastator, Unveiled


#30 | Vasa – Colours


HIGHLIGHTS: As Long As It Doesn’t Explode, Not A Cop, Ergonomic Keyboard, The Angry Dome


#29 | Fizzy Blood – Feast


HIGHLIGHTS: January Sun, Black Sheep, Queen Of Hearts


#28 | Our Lucid Reality – Hy Brasil


HIGHLIGHTS: Hy Brasil, Microcosmic Thrones


#27 | Mutiny On The Bounty – Trials


HIGHLIGHTS: North Korea, Artifacts, Myanmar, Modern Day Robbery, Mapping The Universe


#26 | The Vegan Leather – This House


HIGHLIGHTS: This House, Days Go By, The Bottom Of The Ocean


#25 | Courtesans – Better Safe Than Sober


HIGHLIGHTS: Knowhere, Mesmerise, Feel The Same


#24 | When We Were Wolves – Heartless


HIGHLIGHTS: Heartless, Dying On The Inside, The Devil You Know


#23 | The Van T’s – Laguna Babe


HIGHLIGHTS: Laguna Babe, Growler, Feel Touch Feel


#22 | White Clouds & Gunfire – For All The Non Believers


HIGHLIGHTS: You Can’t Bring Me Down, Poison, Since You Were Gone, Pebbles


#21 | Max Raptor – Mother’s Ruin


HIGHLIGHTS: England Breathes, Back Of A Barrel Wave, Evangeline, Taming Of The Shrewd, Grace And Favours



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