REVIEW | The Courtesans – Better Safe Than Sober


How do you best describe The Courtesans? Fact of the matter is, it is pretty tricky, as they seem to mix in facets of several genres, including alternative rock, pop and doom metal – just to name a few – but that only helps differentiate these femme fatales from the rest of the pack in the blooming British underground scene.

Recently, they embarked on a Pledge campaign and achieved overwhelming success, resulting in the release of a new EP titled Better Safe Than Sober.

A hammering drum beat signals the beginning of Knowhere, which soon unleashes into a phenomenal, grandiose chorus which is insanely catchy, and the hypnotic multi-layer harmonies leave the hairs standing on end; likewise with Feel The Same, which is also notable for subtly slick guitar work throughout, as well as some excellent spoken word from frontwoman Sinead during the verses that has a sheer magnetic quality.

After two extravagant openers, they bring it down for a more subdued and solemn yet still enthralling number in the form of John Doe, but the levels slowly rise again for Mesmirise, a tune that does exactly what it says on the tin, as it builds up to a fiery, passionate vocal performance which sends chills down the spine, and eventually The Tide concludes the record in exciting style.

It is really obvious it was more than worth the time to contribute money toward the production of this EP.

Hands down, this is the greatest thing the group have ever done, an outstanding listening experience like no other that has sent a clear, emphatic statement – The Courtesans deserve the spotlight, and are ready to make one hell of an impact when given the opportunity.



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