REVIEW | The Van T’s – King Tuts New Year’s Revolution 2017


So far, the 2017 King Tuts New Year’s Revolution had been quite the ride, creating everlasting memories and giving a wide variety of under-the-radar acts a platform to showcase their talents and potential, but now it was time for debatably the most anticipated for them all.

Indie grunge band The Van T’s are for sure one of the country’s most promising up-and-comers, and we could not recall a bigger buzz for a show on this festival lineup as much as this one.

One dramatic bus ride featuring a car crash later and we were in Glasgow, raring to go.

With the place already heaving, Sahara from Dundee were up. The opening track was so-so and never clicked with us, and we became worried that the rest from here would be the same, but they completely turned it around with the next one which had a lot more moxie, and from there they impressed us with other numbers driven by such catchy melodies, where they demonstrated precise drum work and very good vocals.

It flew in so fast that we were genuinely gutted that it was over so soon. A flat start admittedly, but they swiftly caught on like wildfire.


As Rascalton got ready, there was a packed ocean of people which left us with so little room to breathe that we decided to perch ourselves on the bench in front of the sound desk, which gave us the best view in the house for the imminent commotion set to go down in the next half hour.

The first few songs had audience members dotted around bopping up and down to the rhythms, but at the midway point is where it truly kicked off, with an assortment of folk clapping, passionate singing, “Rascalton” chants, a young lady perched on shoulders for a brief moment and a group of at least ten strong bouncing in unison, arm in arm.

Pure insanity unfolded in front of our eyes, whilst the quartet delivered a really tight, energetic performance on stage which obviously rubbed off so well. Exceedingly electrifying, to say the least.


Just how could LUCIA follow that? Well, having listened to her a number of times prior, there was little doubt she would do fine, and fortunately that was the case.

Emanating in what appeared to be a Kill Bill-inspired outfit, she displayed a real confident demeanor up there and lots of poise through her playing and enticing vocals, and she was in great company of a band who had excellent chemistry alongside her.

The audience were not exactly anarchic like before, that was to be expected, but she certainly entranced them with stellar tracks such as Melted Ice CreamLose My Mind and Saturday’s Dead; the latter in particular a high-octane, captivating anthem.

Lucia looked a star and sounded a star, and we think a bright future for her is not too far-fetched.


The wait for The Van T’s felt like the longest 15 minutes of our life. There was such an aura of incitement stirring, and the intrigue only grew as the stage was decorated with streamers and lines of lights.

The group kicked off with No Man’s Money, and from there it was a fast and furious set where they fired out one thrilling tune after another, stimulating us with the likes of the dashing 35mm, the classic Growler and the supremely breathtaking Laguna BabeThey even presented us with a brand new track entitled Bittersweet which we fell in love with.

Performance-wise, it was as about as flawless as you could get. The twins Chloe and Hannah were sublime in their harmonies and riffs, Joanne was awfully stylish on bass and Shaun was impeccable behind the kit. They were all also very active, with an assemblage of photographers fighting for space, trying to capture the perfect moment.

Just as much as we were taken back at what was transpiring in front of us, standing at the barricade directly opposite them, the girls were equally as stunned at the sight of hundreds of people, all there to see them do what they did best. You could easily tell from the joyful shakiness in their voices how overwhelmed they were.

As they brought the night to an end with Fun Garcon, we were left in awe. For the band to establish such high expectations from everyone, then to live up to them by going and selling out the show and delivering on one of the city’s most prestigious stages, it was a good feeling. Also to see so many familiar representatives from the local scene make it down to support them was inspiring to see.

In our minds, The Van T’s have fully proved their worth and cemented themselves as one of Scotland’s finest emerging acts, now being closer than ever to smashing through the glass ceiling and moving onto greater success.


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