REVIEW | SEASONS – What Goes Around


Hailing from Bedfordshire, alternative rockers SEASONS threw their hats into the ring last year with their inaugural self-titled EP, which proved to be a rather good product that certainly made quite a solid impression.

And now the boys are set to come back with record number 2 – What Goes Around – and let’s just say that the caliber has gotten even better with this one.

From the first note we are instantly hooked, with Empire serving as a fervent opener that wastes no time in getting the blood pumping. They soon settle into the swing of things with When We Were Young, where the strong drum work strikes as the dominant aspect.

Last Words stands as the highlight of the EP, and that can be attributed to magnetic writing conveyed through an intense vocal performance, accompanied by energetic riffs.

These qualities continue into Rewind And Replay, where again the lyrics are great, and soon they finish in the same manner as they had begun, with the intense Fire giving the listener one last zealous rush, leaving them breathless by the time it is over and done with.

All in all, a thrilling compilation that improves on every aspect of their debut record. If these guys progress at the rate they are going, there is little doubt a bright future is ahead of them. Too much potential here that cannot afford to go to waste.


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