REVIEW | Vida – Masquerade


As far as 2016’s best newcomers in the local scene are concerned, Vida from Alloa certainly rank very high on that list.

Since putting out their first number Fade Away only six months ago, the boys have quickly garnered a hefty amount of attention, gaining fans left and right whilst potentially sparking a Britpop renaissance of sorts, with all of this leading up to the much anticipated release of their debut EP – Masquerade.

The opener Moloko Vellocet immediately shows a lot of spirit, with sleek harmonies, a top notch, cymbal-driven rhythm and stand out riffs to be had here. They then take it down a notch for When I Call, running at a more smooth pace but still being enjoyable.

And lastly, we have the tremendous title track, highlighted by a catchy melody to tap your foot to, and a great memorable chorus which sticks in the head for long after.

A strong, more than satisfying follow up to their initial single. We firmly believe that if the band are able to carve their own identity without falling into the image of being just another Britpop act looking to emulate the likes of Oasis and Blur, then there is no reason why they cannot become major players in Scotland and beyond.


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