REVIEW | illustr8ors (Self-Titled EP)


In the continuing trend of fresh new British rock acts breaking out, we have illustr8ors from Bristol, who in the last few months have witnessed a swift rise seemingly out of nowhere, but judging by their self-titled debut EP, it should come as no surprise.

They begin with lead single Your Animal, and what a hell of a way to start, consisting of outstanding vocals and the most intoxicating of melodies topped off with an insanely catchy chorus.

They pump the gas to another degree with Something Biblicalcharging at a rapid pace whilst dishing out feisty riffs all the way along. As the adrenaline further builds in Swimming With Anchors, they continue to shine in the writing department with entertaining lyrics that are easy to latch onto.

Eventually, they cap things off with Shush Shush, a fiery finale showcasing superb bass and drum work, producing such a feverish rhythm that is pretty hard to resist dancing along to.

With such a vigorous, undying energy throughout, illustr8ors’ first outing is nothing short of a dynamic joyride that gives us exactly what we want from a rock album – a fun musical experience featuring a batch of cracking heavy tunes that we can merrily headbang to.

Big things are clearly in store for this quintet, as they have all the tools at hand to make an impact. In fact, you could argue they are doing so already.




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