REVIEW | Almeida – Broadcast (27/10/16)


Over the past decade, Almeida have established themselves as one of the most exciting and beserk acts in the British underground scene, and at last they brought their trademark madness to the city of Glasgow for the first time ever, live at Broadcast courtesy of Bubble Tea Records.

We arrived just in time for relative newcomers Over The Line, who provided an energetic set with a batch of fast-paced catchy tracks, with our favourites being Glass Houses and their latest single NovemberThere were some twitches of nervousness here and there but nonetheless the crowd visibly liked them and we think they continue to show a lot of promise.


Next up was Smile In Regret, who we had not seen in 2 long years, and they certainly booted up the intensity with a charged performance where thumping bass chords and hard-hitting drums stood out as the definitive aspects, plus their cover of Beautiful Girls was on point. Short and simple, but really enjoyable.


Airdrie quintet Remind Me Of Home followed suit and kept the energy going with more of those melodic tunes featuring solid vocal work and sweet riffs, while throwing in a couple of nice slower pieces into the mix. Some miscommunication hindered them a little and they were really up against several technical issues – even the ceiling cushioning came loose at one point – but pretty fun for what it was.


And now for the main support, PMX, a band there was a lot of hype behind so we were eager to see what they had to offer. That aforementioned hype was most warranted because they were off the charts. An incredibly ballistic performance with every cracking tune better than the last, all driven by manic guitars and the most frantic of drum beats. The whole venue was hooked and everybody loved it; awesome, show-stealing stuff.


But that is not to say that Almeida were a letdown. Quite the contrary, in fact; they were bloody mental. They churned out a bunch of super heavy bangers that had a bit of everything – zealous harmonies, a tight pairing of dynamic riffage and bass, thunderous drumming and blistering breakneck melodies topped off with immense choruses.

Once again, the whole audience latched onto ever note thrown at them. All in all, it was just a marvelous experience, easily being one of the best live shows we have witnessed this year. The buzz afterwards took hours to properly wear off, and for good reason.


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