REVIEW | Outright Resistance – Ivory Blacks (24/10/16)


The start of a new working week usually brings a mild depressive feeling as you get back on the grind, so what better way to take that all away than with a loaded night of metal on a Monday night, courtesy of Outright Resistance from Stevenage who were hitting up Ivory Blacks for the final Scottish show of their ongoing Me Vs UK tour.

Their tour buddies Buried & Forgotten were up first to get the ball rolling. Following a brooding intro, they exploded into a set highlighted by raw dual vocals, high impact drumming, mammoth drops and synths galore. They even managed to ignite a little mosh and some fancy dancing from the folk at the front, so overall it was a rip-roaring way to start the proceedings.


We came back in time to see local supports Dominicide, where frontman Sean donned a cutout mask of the queen; quite frankly, a terrifying sight.

That titbit aside, they killed it on stage. The vocal work packed a punch and was further complimented by instrumentals with a no holds barred intensity that got the crowd jumping at one point. Sean even took it upon himself to head down and get another miniature pit on the go during the last number. A huge first impression was well made here with all that wonderful heavy goodness on deck.


And now for the main attraction – Outright Resistance. Not deterred by the standard Monday night crowd, they held nothing back in delivering an exciting performance elevated by a massive presence and strong chemistry. Paige led the charge in convincing fashion, cranking out guttural screams and throwing herself around without a care in the world, and the guitarists even got up close and personal as we stood and watched from the barrier.

Capping off with a cracking cover of Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff – chock full of party poppers and all – it was a fun show fuelled by a passion to entertain those in attendance, no matter how few, and we would be more than happy to see them back up here in Glasgow again.


And to finish things off we had Warhead from Bathgate, a band we had been wanting to see live for a long time now, and boy were they sweet.

The trio fired out a variety of rocking tracks, with focal points including CrumbleSick Of It All and Don’t Be Such A B*tch, all of which had a big sound generated through fierce riffs and swift tempo rhythms, and they were even nice enough to give us a cover of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, where they were joined by the man, the myth, the legend himself – Phil. A great way to wrap up the night nicely.


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