REVIEW | Robbie Flanagan – Chasing Memory


As we have discovered time and time again, Scotland has such a vast pool of young and adept singer-songwriters, and one that recently caught our attention is Robbie Flanagan, hailing from Aberdeen.

We got our first taste of him with the single The City Who Forgot, and we thought it was good overall, but it was not until he recently released his new EP – Chasing Memory – that we came to fully appreciate his talents.

The instrumental opener fittingly titled Don’t Talk creates a sombre and somewhat haunting atmosphere, perfectly setting the mood for what is to come.

Once settled, Grow pulls the listener in within a matter of seconds with such magnetic lyrics, eventually flowing into Don’t Let You Let Me Down which is highlighted by a catchy beat and superb work on the guitar.

After being sucked in by the lead single This Is Not Your Song, the next number Big Sister leaves a perpetual impact, with blunt writing that elicits so much pepped up sorrow and anguish; after which, Home provides an ambient conclusion.

One of the most gripping solo works we have had the pleasure of listening to as of late, and certainly one that had a sentimental effect on ourselves. That fact alone proves why his budding artist cannot afford to be glanced over.






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