REVIEW | GT’s Boos Band (Self-Titled Album)


Truth be told, blues was never exactly one of those genres that we indulged in time and time again. That was until recently when we came across the GT’s Boos Band, hailing from Stirling.

We were introduced to the group earlier this year courtesy of the BBC4 series UK’s Best Part-Time Band, and while they did not emerge the winners, they certainly left enough of a lasting impact to get us hooked.

Fast forward a couple of months to September, and the guys were raring to follow up on that exposure with the release of their new self-titled album.

Seven Questions wastes no time and dives straight into what we want to hear – dazzling guitar, the hippest of bass lines and an intoxicating, catchy beat where resistance to tap your foot is utterly futile.

For us, Amsterdam ranks as the cream of the crop, being an outstanding, highly immersive track that sucks you in with captivating writing relayed so well through frontman Greig’s stately performance; likewise in the polished, emotionally fueled Chain Of Love.

Walk My Path is more country-based yet remains enjoyable, Cold Turkey continues to showcase great lyrical work and Real Born Winner is so fiercely funky that it makes you want to get up and strut your stuff.

You get your fill of classic blues numbers with smooth rhythms and riveting riffs, such as High N DryBaby Stop Your Crying and Everybody Knows, and to finish, they ease the listener out with the sublime instrumental piece JoJo.

After their appearance on television, they had our curiosity, but now having listened to this album, they truly have our attention now. An outstanding record from top to bottom that delivers on the goods in grand style, leaving us with a craving for more of that bluesy goodness.

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