REVIEW | My Only – This Room & You


The British rock scene has been witness to many outstanding debuts, and 2016 in our mind has been among the strongest years for these in recent memory, with a wide variety of bands stepping up and making a potent statement in little time.

Hailing from King’s Lynn, My Only fit into that category perfectly, as their inaugural EP – This Room & You – truly caught off us guard.

Immediately, A Little (Less) breaks the ice in formidable style, with ballistic drumming, vocals harnessing such weight behind them and a fierce energy all on show. That established sheer force only intensifies in the dynamic I Had To Pay For Every Breath That I Took, which blows out the eardrums in the best way possible.

It all quietens down for the subdued Saboteur, highlighted by a passionate performance and absorbing writing. The closing number No World Without You commences with a mild intro before taking off again for the most exciting and satisfying of culminations.

One hell of an impressive first record that has certainly made a substantial impact, introducing us to a band who, in our eyes, could very easily go on to join and rank among the next wave of breakthrough British rock acts within a short matter of time.

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