REVIEW | Til We Have Faces – Perhaps In Another Life


In our humble opinion, we believe that Scotland has the most diverse music scene on the planet, but it has never occurred to us that there is not much attention given to the dream pop genre in this country.

Luckily, this is where Greenock newcomers Til We Have Faces come into the picture, as their debut EP – Perhaps In Another Life – just recently hit the shelves.

The Leaves provides an excellent beginning, where the simple yet effective riffs make their mark and we are sucked in by the outstanding lyrics transmitted through a crisp vocal performance. Next up is France, defined by synths that generate a psychedelic quality and a sharp, toe-tapping drum beat.

And concluding the record is Youth Dies Young which is steered by an enticing rhythm and once again some wonderful kaleidoscopic electronics, all leading up to the most mellow of energetic climaxes.

A first impression well made with an EP that is nothing short of excellent. Already, these guys have gained our interest and if they are willing to step up their game further for next time, we are pretty sure that their true potential will be properly showcased.



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