REVIEW | Lights That Change – Byzantium


The UK is well known for producing a vast array of notable bands in a range of genres such as rock, metal and indie, but one particular genre we feel is overlooked is that of dream pop.

In this niche scene, a selection of acts are making a name for themselves, one such group being Lights That Change from Wales, who are at long last set to release their debut album – Byzantium.

They settle in with the chillingly beautiful Constantinople which emits an ethereal aura with a slight Celtic touch. This leads into Starlight, a beautiful number driven by a stunning mixture of acoustics and tender bass, in addition to featuring memorable lyrics and warm, gracious harmonies.

Voices is the very song that made us a fan of this band – and dream pop in general, for that matter – in the first place. Sheer, spine-tingling guitar chords, heartfelt vocals, a catchy beat and a perpetual elevation in atmosphere make for what is a purely breathtaking experience.

Golden City stands out with an upbeat ambience and fantastic writing, there is a clear display of passion in Union, and throughout the trio continue to provide tunes highlighted by soft, delicate melodies that put the mind at peace including DeaIhsan and the title track.

After much anticipation, Byzantium proves to be a masterstroke of art; an astounding compilation that has truly cemented Lights That Change as a tour de force in their ever-growing field.

We feel they have demonstrated that they are far too talented to be as overlooked as they are, and we can only hope much deserved attention comes their way sooner than later.

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