REVIEW | The Apex – Underbelly


If there is one thing that we have learnt in 2016, it is that the Canadian metal scene is among the tightest, most jam-packed ones in the world, but while it is a good thing for all the metalheads out there who have a diverse variety of options available to them, it does prove to be somewhat of an uphill battle for bands in said scene to truly stand out.

Our subjects today are a band who, in our humble opinion, have little issue doing just that – The Apexhailing from Windsor in Ontario, who prove that fact with their latest EP, Underbelly, the follow-up to their self-titled debut record from last year.

We are hooked from the get-go with Scabs And Sheep, headed by grungy, guttural roars, accompanied by the fearsome combo of chaotic riffs, coarse bass chords and relentless drumming; all of which step up to another level by the halfway point as it kicks off at a stampeding pace with a real whiplash effect.

That sheer magnitude and animosity carries over into the title track, where the dense rhythm packs a punch, and last of all, the reckless Paid In Exposure is for sure the highlight in the writing department, tackling a subject matter many fledgling musicians know all too well, plus it serves as a fiery finale.

Within a mere 10 minutes, The Apex continue to certify themselves as a mighty force to be reckoned with. Out of the multitude of Canadian metal acts that we come across on a regular basis, very few can match the raw, intense power that these guys evoke.

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