REVIEW | The Shout – Nowhere To Go But Home


Since forming a few years back, The Shout have been quick to make an impression and become one of Belfast’s brightest acts, earning an accolade or two along the way.

They were initially brought to our attention via their debut release WRITE-DELETE-REPEAT and we were pretty impressed, so we were more than happy to indulge in their music once again in the form of a new EP entitled Nowhere To Go But Home.

The record delivers exactly what it promises – an assortment of high-octane tracks featuring fun, full-blown choruses chocked with lyrics that are easy to latch onto, whilst being driven by blistering melodies; all topped off with a blend of spirited harmonies, ravishing riffs and catchy, charging rhythm sections.

With only 3 tunes on offer clocking in at 12 minutes total, it does fall a little on the short side, but regardless of that fact, it gives us what we want, leaving more than enough of an impact for listeners to go back and relish in it again and again.

An ideal starting point for newcomers to get an introduction to one of the most exciting rock groups to emerge from Northern Ireland in recent memory.


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