REVIEW | Chase The Day – Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa Cover.jpg

Since 2012, Chase The Day from London have striven to create music that makes a long lasting impression, and this has culminated in the production of their much anticipated debut album – Tabula Rasa – and behind the bold, compelling cover artwork courtesy of Nevan Doyle, there is a gem waiting to be discovered.

The guys deliver a burst of fire from the outset with the exhilarating Pariah, then flowing seamlessly into the similarly intense eponymous Chase The Day whilst maintaining that initial rush of adrenaline with a beat worth banging your head to.

A Little Peace is a decisive highlight for us, being packed to the brim with fervent vocals, banging riffs and quite the ample chorus.

But not all of this record is a mere assemblage of boisterous rock tunes, as they present a selection of slower numbers that, more often that not, showcase some of the band’s finest writing work including Damage DoneJust The Same and Seed; the latter being an unforgettable 5 minute piece with a swaying melody and a substantial display of passion.

Of course, in between those they still continue to throw out plentiful of dynamic, fast-paced tracks such as Forget Your NameSpider Jerusalem and the perfectly climatic Dig.

Tabula Rasa should be used as a precedent on how to do a rock album right. Every song has their own individual qualities on offer, there is a steady momentum present which is never broken, and most of all, there is a good enough variety in the sound to keep the listener engaged, not to mention it is sure to leave them with that crave for more and ultimately a desire to return time and time again.



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