REVIEW | Crow’s Feet – Hornets Nest

Crow's Feet - Hornets Nest - cover

A year and a half in the making, Glasgow ambient pop ensemble Crow’s Feet have at last emerged from the studio, and with much anticipation, they have at long last presented us with their debut album – Hornets Nest.

A combination of sublime, subtle riffs, gentle piano keys and low-key drums ease the listener into Surge/Swell whilst building a leisurely atmosphere that continues into the really tranquil title track, now headed by smooth vocals.

These astonishing harmonies are properly showcased in the phenomenal Alarm Clock Bones, an utterly captivating anthem that never fails to generate goosebumps. The pleasant In One Day has some great lyrics; likewise with Veins, which also has a catchy beat to boot.

Once again, the band cultivate an engrossing ambience with the somewhat haunting Lost At Sea, before bringing it all to an end with the stimulating eponymous number.

To say that Hornets Nest is excellent would be an understatement. We honestly cannot recall the last time we have been so enraptured by a record like this, one that constantly has the chills running up the spine and the hairs on end.

With just one album, Crow’s Feet have immediately established themselves as ones to watch, and they will almost certainly make a significant impact within the Scottish music scene; that is if they had not already.

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