REVIEW | Swallows – Haunted


At the top of the year, it was the end of an era as Glasgow melodic hardcore outfit Swallows parted ways with long-running frontman Adam Craig after what was a monumental performance at Throne Fest, an event we were glad – in a bittersweet sense – to be witness to, with guitarist Danny Shannon soon following suit a few months down the line.

Fast forward about half a year later, the band bagged themselves new recruits in the form of vocalist Scott Forwell and guitarist Colin Sharp and headed back into the studio. The result is a new EP titled Haunted, a formidable product that perfectly represents the group to a tee.

From the offset, the band’s trademark intensity flourishes; at the forefront, Scott clamoring with such fury in an assortment of tunes featuring such blunt and explicit writing – in fact, some of the best in all the Scottish metal scene, in our opinion. The opener Reflections is a definitive example of this element, highlighted by a fiercely addictive hook.

The aforementioned intensity only continues to escalate over the progress of the record, with the vocals displaying further vigor in the likes of Letting Go and Low Tides, whilst being complimented by brute drums and dense riffs.

They take it lower with a deeper, more callous sound in Almost Always, where grungy bass chords make their presence felt, before flicking the dial back up and charging at a swift and powerful tempo once again with Weathered Hands.

Ultimately, they finish with the passionate A Tired Soul, bringing back Adam Craig for one last hurrah in a special guest appearance and capping off the EP on a strong note.

Haunted serves as the beginning of what is certain to be a hell of a second coming for one of the country’s most talented hardcore acts, and thus the Swallows Heartbreak Crew can rejoice once more.


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