REVIEW | Painting Rockets – From The Debris


The general public really underestimate the many difficulties of being in a band, with one of those elements being the making of a record.

It takes a lot of money, time, blood, sweat, tears and, probably most important of all, the strength to persevere. Any group that is able to overcome all these factors through the most arduous of struggles deserve our utmost respect, especially given that the end result is never guaranteed to turn out a successful one.

This is where Painting Rockets from Edinburgh enter the frame, who for the past year and a half have fought tooth and nail in the production of their highly anticipated 2nd EP – From The Debris – and after suffering from so many issues and much uncertainty over the course of making it, it gives us much pleasure to say it was all worth it, because this EP is simply phenomenal.

The ears perk up at the instant I’ll Be Fine kicks off, a frenzied opener which captivates all the senses simultaneously with a throbbing snare beat, blistering chorus and fervent harmonies courtesy of Keli Thomson.

Insane drums then greet us to Crazy Little Heart Like Mine which takes a heavier direction with Stephen Christie’s imposing riffs and a hefty, breakneck rhythm. This leads nicely into the bombastic lead single Empathy, with heaps of passion and energy dripping from every note sung by Keli.

A dark and chilling interlude serves as the bridge into the record’s other single Method In The Madness, a fiercely catchy and sprightly track shining with some great lyrics, which continues into the equally flashy For You And I Are Past Our Dancing Days.

But in a snap, it all goes quiet as they move onto their last number The Chaos Is All So Beautiful. For the first half, Keli delivers a magnetic and sentimental performance that not only displays more of her vocal range, but has the listener hanging onto every word, and as the track approaches the end, it escalates to an exciting finale powered by more rip-roaring guitar work from Stephen.

The final outcome of these two’s pure dedication and efforts is one that exceeds expectations, with not a single dull moment from start to finish.

If Keli and Stephen continue to improve upon the potential they have shown and further build upon the foundations established, then we may have a new breakout rock act on the horizon.



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