REVIEW | The Belafonte – Warm Bones


For the past two years, we have seen sparks of potential from The Belafonte of Ayrshire.

Their inaugural single Human Hands blew us away – becoming one of our favourite tracks of 2015, as a matter of fact – and it only got us more excited for what was to follow.

Well, the time has finally arrived. The trio have put out their debut EP, Warm Bones, and we could not be more satisfied with what was delivered.

Dogs Can Look Up starts off with a really cool intro that builds with an accompanying subdued drum beat, before unleashing into a bombastic second half. The next track Olive Branch opens in a similar manner, while being boasted by some great lyrics.

Strenuous riffs and slick bass lines shine in Calm, a swaying melody and – once again – brilliant writing are the defining elements of Low Born Blood, and the latter is showcased one last time in the brisk closing number Torn At The Seams.

Warm Bones is fantastic through and through, and with each respective listen we learn to only appreciate it all the more. As one of the best Scottish records of 2016, this is sure to garner the band more attention and establish them as Ayrshire’s next major prospect.


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