REVIEW | Rosie Bans – Opia

Rosie Bans - Opia - cover.png

As far as Scottish singer-songwriters go, there are few that have the ability to grab our attention as well as Rosie Bans; in addition to being obviously talented and well-traveled, she is one of the most charming personalities we have ever come across in our time.

At the top of the year, the redheaded lass put out her Process EP, and quite frankly we fell in love with it, and to make things better she has been quick to treat us to yet another record – Opia.

The striking cover alone was enough to catch our eye, but does the content itself hold up? Fair to say, she brings out her self-proclaimed brand of “sophisti-pop” in full force here.

For starters, The Fall is a elegant number by reason of some lovely outstanding work on the piano as well as some engaging lyrics, and it only gets better with Walking In The Colda very fitting title indeed as it is defined by a sound that is so chilling, and the vocals are truly something of harmonious beauty. And last but not least, accompanied by a soft guitar, the tender On These Strings provides a gripping conclusion to the EP.

Opia proves to be the awe-inspiring product that we hoped for, one that is just begging to be played live in front of thousands at concert halls up and down the country.

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